We are able to deliver excellence in their education whilst keeping the students’ best interests at the core of all we do. Bespoke study and enrichment programmes provide tailored packages to suit our student’s interests and needs.  All we do is built on the closely interconnected fundamentals of cognitive science into how we learn and a focus on student wellbeing, with ‘test anxiety’ research-informed strategies.  

Successful studying is underpinned by five key elements and Hollygirt Sixth Form will provide a VESPA framework for students to grow and develop.  

Vision; Effort; Systems; Practice; Attitude 

Having a vision for your future direction, knowing the importance of the effort that is needed, having effective systems in place to manage a sixth form timetable, utilising the science of learning so that practice and recall is efficient and effective, and finally having a positive attitude to learning, using feedback as opportunities to grow. 

The Enrichment Programme provides opportunities for students to develop their wider skills and interests. From exploring a healthy mindset, global awareness, the arts, community projects and life skills such as cooking on a budget and project management. 

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