Hollygirt School Staff


Who We Are

Hollygirt School is a small independent school near Nottingham city centre for girls and boys aged 3 to 18.

A full staff list for 2023-24 can be viewed below.

You can find more information about the members of the Board of Trustees here.

Here is a list of our Trustees:

Mrs A Bingham

Chair of Board of Trustees & Chair of Education Committee, Operations Committee

Mr C Adams

Operations Committee

Mrs R Archer

Safeguarding / Education Committee

Mr J Townsend

Chair of Operations Committee

Mrs A Turton

Operations Committee

Dr J West

Education Committee

Here is our SLT:

Our Senior Leadership Team oversee the strategic direction of the school.

Dr H Barsham


EdD (Cambridge), MA (Classics, Birkbeck), BA (Hons), PGCE, NPQH

Mr D Cholerton

Deputy Head, DSL

BA (Hons) (Derby), MA (Derby)

Mrs V Wright

Head of Prep, Deputy DSL (Prep)

BSc (Hons) (Warwick) PGCE (Kingston)

Mrs A Brown

Head of Sixth Form, Deputy DSL

MA (UWE Bristol), BA (Nottingham)

Mr N Rollinson

Assistant Head (Academic), Maths Teacher

BEng (Hons) (Nottingham), PGCE (Nottingham), MA (Nottingham)

Mr C Bowker


BSc (Hons) (Nottingham)

Here is our ELT:

The SLT is supported additionally by the Extended Leadership Team (ELT).

Mr J Goodhead

Deputy Head of Prep, Year 5 Teacher

BSc(Hons), PGCE

Mrs K George

Pupil Development / EHCP Co-ordinator, Deputy DSL


Here is a list of our Teaching Staff:

At Hollygirt we have an exceptional teaching staff, who go above and beyond ensuring that each child, at the end of their time with us, has achieved the very best that they can.

Mrs W Atherton

Maths Teacher

MA (Oxford) PGCE (Oxford)

Mrs P Bond

Classroom Assistant, Playground Supervisor, Deputy DSL

CACHE Level 3

Mrs S Brimblecombe

Subject Co-ordinator of French, Head of KS4

BA (Hons) (NTU), PGCE (Nottingham)

Mrs D Carr

Chemistry Teacher

BSc and PGCE (NTU)

Miss A Cooper

Year 3 Teacher

BA (Hons) (Leeds Beckett)

Mr P Deacon

Head of PE

BEd (Hons) (Sheffield Halam)

Mr C Dean

Head of Year 7, Head of Geography, Forest Schools, Deputy DSL

BSc (Sheffield), PGCE (Leeds)

Mr M Dilger

Head of Computing and Careers

BA (Hons) (Derby), MSc (NTU), PGCE (NTU)

Miss M Evans

Learning Support Assistant

Miss D Fry

Head of Art & Design

BA (Hons) (Derby), PGCE (Nottingham)

Mr G Gray

Learning Support Assistant

Miss N Green

English Teacher (Maternity Cover)

MA (Loughborough), BA (Hons) (Aberystwyth), PGCE (Derby)

Mrs D Griffiths

Head of Religious Studies, Assistant Examinations Officer

BA (Hons) (Leicester) PGCE (Nottingham)

Mrs S Hall

Head of History

BA (Hons) (Southampton), PGCE (Nottingham)

Miss R Hawthorne

Year 3 Teacher (Maternity Cover)


Mrs R Heatlie

Reception Teacher, Deputy DSL (EYFS)

BA (Hons), MA (Wales), PGCE (Bedford)

Miss A Hill

Learning Support Assistant

Miss L Hill

Design Technology Teacher

BSc (De Montfort), BA (Hons) (Goldsmiths), PGCE (Hull)

Miss A Hook

English Teacher (Head of English - Maternity Cover), Head of KS3

BA (Hons) (Loughborough), MA (Loughborough), PGCE (Nottingham)

Mrs H Jackson

EYFS Assistant / Teaching Assistant

NNEB (Nottingham)

Ms M Kareer

Classroom Support Assistant

BEd (Panjab), MSC (Panjab)

Mrs C Keyworth

Year 6 Teacher

BA (Hons) (NTU)

Mrs N Khan

Food Technician

Miss M Kirwin

Learning Support Assistant

BA (Warwick)

Ms N Kohut

PE Teacher

MSc (Loughborough), BA (Bishop Grosseteste), PGCE (Loughborough)

Miss M Lau

Cover Manager

Mrs H Lovell

Learning Support Assistant

BA (Hons) (NTU)

Mrs M Maher

Year 4 Teacher

BA (Hons) (Anglia Ruskin), PGCE (Birmingham)

Mrs S Mahl

EYFS Assistant, Teaching Assistant, After School Club Supervisor


Mrs A Marley

Food Technician

BA (Leeds)

Mrs P Mason

Classroom Assistant


Dr D McKitterick

Physics Teacher

BSc (Hons) PhD (Nottingham)

Miss H Nisan

Subject Co-ordinator of Spanish

BA (Hons) (NTU), PGCE (Nottingham)

Miss S A Peters

Learning Support Assistant, Examinations Officer

Mrs C Scott

Reception Teacher, EYFS Co-ordinator

BA (Hons) (Reading)

Miss M Seaton

Head of Music

BA (Hons) (York), PGCE (EM Direct)

Mr F Shahrokhshahi

Physics Teacher

MA (Nottingham), BEng (Nottingham), PGCE (Nottingham)

Mrs S Skov

SENCo, 1:1 Pupil Support

PGC Special Educational Needs (Northampton), MA Education Studies (Northumbria), PGCE (Durham), BA History (York)

Mrs H Smith

Art Cover Teacher

MA (NTU), BA (Loughborough)

Mr D Sud

Head of Mathematics

BSc (Hons) (Aston), PGCE (Nottingham)

Miss M Taylor

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs M Thompson

Learning Support Assistant

MA (Hons) (Edinburgh)

Mrs J Thornton

Head of English

BA (Hons) (Nottingham) PGCE (Nottingham)

Mrs J Vassell

Learning Support Assistant

Miss E Veal

Biology Teacher

BSc (Hons) (Nottingham), PGCE (Nottingham)

Mrs G Wand

Year 1/2 Teacher

BEd (Hons) (Exeter)

Here is a list of our Office & Support Staff:

Our school is supported by a strong office support team, friendly kitchen staff, efficient caretakers and loyal cleaners.

Mr R Arnold

Science and Technology Technician

BA (Hons), BTEC Nat.(Science)

Mrs S Boswell


Miss T Brown

School Administrator

Miss J Butler

Cook / Kitchen Manager

BA (Hons) (Anglia)

Mr K Freeman


Mr M Harris

Site and Facilities Manager


Miss V Kovalska

IT Technician

Mr J Limb


BA (Hons) (Derby)

Mrs C Schmidt

Admissions and Marketing Manager

BA (Hons) (Strathclyde)

Mrs L Wilkins

Head's PA

BA (Hons) (Nottingham Trent)

Here is a list of our Peripatetic Staff:

At Hollygirt we provide our pupils with the opportunity to develop other skills, during the school day, including individual music and singing classes. We bring in teaching staff specifically for these lessons:

Mr S Bowhill

Miss A Cisar

Mr H Costin

Mr T Davis

Mrs C Loizias

Mr J Robertson

Mrs K Taylor

Speech and Drama

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