Academic Success Hollygirt School

Academic Success

“Pupils make strong progress from diverse starting points and achieve well in GCSE examinations”

“The school successfully achieves its aims and enables pupils to thrive and fulfil their academic potential”

ISI Inspectorate, 2022

Our examination results demonstrate a consistent record of excellent academic attainment

As a non-selective school, we accept students with a wide range of academic aptitude and attainment. Our nurturing environment and high expectations for every individual are reflected in consistently excellent examination results.

What is important to us is for individuals to fulfil their full academic potential at whatever level this is. Our dedicated teachers and small classes allow us to stretch and challenge our more able students to achieve top grades, whilst providing additional support to those who require it, to ensure all our students leave Hollygirt with results which reflect their fullest abilities and achievements they can be proud of.

We use the latest research in Cognitive Science’ to support our students through high-stakes tests.

GCSE Examination Results 2022

The size of our GCSE classes should be taken into consideration when viewing statistics in percentage form.

9 – 7 grades: 36.2%

9 – 4 grades: 91.9%

9 – 1 grades: 100%

ACE (Additional Curriculum Enrichment)

All students at Hollygirt belong to an ACE (additional curriculum enrichment) group which changes every half term.

On Tuesday mornings, the school ACES and students can be found crocheting, debating, studying problem-solving techniques, belonging to scholars, chess playing, dancing, and learning a myriad of other diverse and useful skills.

Over the course of a year, all Hollygirt students will attend six ACE topics. It’s enriching their curricula.

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