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Junior School

School lunches are an important contribution to our social and pastoral education.  Pupils sit and eat a nutritious two course lunch with their class teachers; this ‘family’ setting enables us to discuss table manners and to monitor closely what children are eating and encourage them to try new flavours.  Each day there is a choice of two hot meals, one of which is a vegetarian choice. These are prepared daily from fresh ingredients and cooked on the premises.  Sandwiches may be prepared for pupils on specific days with parental permission, to ensure that there is always something to appeal to pupils.

The menu is reviewed half termly to allow for seasonal changes, to remove less popular choices and to add variety.  In rare cases and on discussion with the Head of Juniors, a pupil is only permitted to bring a packed lunch if the school is unable to meet their specific dietary needs.  Lunches are included in the school fees and there is no fee remission if a pupil brings their own lunch. Milk or fruit juice is provided to each pupil during each morning session.

All chicken served at school is halal.  All red meat is non-halal.  Children bring their own healthy snack for break time.  They are provided with milk or fruit juice during the day.  We have children in school with nut allergies therefore we request that any food which is brought from home does not contain nuts.

Senior School

A selection of hot and cold foods, prepared daily from fresh ingredients and cooked on the premises, may be purchased at lunchtime. Menus are varied weekly with a daily meat and non-meat option.  Some pupils bring a packed lunch from home. A main meal costs £2.50 and dessert an additional 80p.  The menu is reviewed half termly. There is the option to purchase a termly lunch pass.

A tuck shop operates within the Senior School each morning break selling a range of products. All chicken served at school is halal.  All red meat is non-halal.

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