Life Skills

Enrichment opportunities for sixth formers go beyond academia, aiming to equip students with essential life skills as they prepare to step into the world beyond. Activities like cooking on a budget instil practical culinary skills while emphasizing resourcefulness and planning. Perfect for the big step to university and needing to look after themselves! Finance workshops provide crucial knowledge about budgeting, saving, and understanding personal finances, enabling students to make informed decisions in the future. Project management is integral across the enrichment programme, and helps to hone organisational and leadership skills essential for tackling complex tasks. The 10x Challenge from Young Enterprise fosters creativity, problem-solving, and an entrepreneurial mindset; encouraging students to innovate and take calculated risks. Critical thinking workshops sharpen analytical abilities, enabling students to evaluate information thoughtfully and make well-informed decisions. These diverse activities collectively prepare sixth formers with a holistic skill set, ensuring they step into the next phase of their lives with confidence and readiness to navigate the challenges of the world.

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