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Emotional and Social Wellbeing

Emotional and Social Wellbeing

We pride ourselves on being able to support children’s emotional and social wellbeing with our flexible approach and small class sizes.

  • Every classroom has a ‘Worry Monster’ – children can write down their worries and the monster eats them up
  • ‘My World Books’ are available for pupils to look through before playtimes or when feeling anxious 
  • We have a special event called ‘Sparkle Week’ where we take part in random acts of kindness
  • Mrs Kate George, Pupil Development Coordinator, has drop in sessions with Junior School pupils and will be doing some 1:1 sessions with pupils after half term  

Special Educational Needs

The school admits pupils with a variety of diagnosis if it is satisfied that the pupil’s needs can be reasonably met within the school environment. At the earliest opportunity and before entry, parents are expected to discuss openly the issues facing the child in their current setting and in the home environment and provide any reports for the school to consider. 

The Headmistress will discuss the benefits of the small school with small classes, the unique ethos and environment at Hollygirt and outline what the school is able to do (and what is cannot do) to accommodate the identified needs. The pupil will have the opportunity to tour the school and will normally attend at least one Taster Day. This can be split into shorter periods of time over a few days, or 2 full days offered to assess the pupil’s ability to thrive in the setting.

The current school will be contacted for a reference and for any other supplementary information. 

If a place is offered and accepted, our Pupil Development / EHCP Coordinator will support transition and if required do a home visit. In some cases, usually for children presenting with more complex needs, the school will offer a place for a trial period, after which a full teacher assessment can be made of the longer term prospects, which will be fully discussed with the parents. In the rare eventuality that the child is not settled or progress is not being made at the end of the agreed trial period, the school and parent may reciprocally agree to terminate the contract, and in this circumstance the notice period would be waived. 

Education Health Care Plans (EHCPs)

Hollygirt has a small number of pupils on EHCPs, some of which are funded by the local education authority.

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