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Fees, Bursaries, Scholarships & Other Awards

Termly Fees (Autumn, Spring and Summer) for 2021-22:

Nursery and Reception£3,312
Year 1 and 2£3,329
Year 3 to 6£3,549
Year 7 to 9£4,233
Year 10 and 11£4,357


Fees are payable on the first day of each term. Alternatively, it is possible to spread the cost of school fees into manageable monthly installments. This facility is provided by School Fee Plan.

Our Registration Fee is £50 which is submitted with the Registration Form.

A deposit of £500 is submitted following the offer of a place, along with the Acceptance Form, in order to secure your child’s place.

On the first bill, there is a one-off payment of £50 per family to the Friends of Hollygirt.

Nursery Funding

New for September 2022

We will be offering 30 free hours to all eligible* 3 and 4-year-olds in our Nursery.

In addition, parents of children who continue into Reception class will be invited to a series of complimentary sessions on how children learn and ways to support their child’s education.

Funding is available from the term after the child is 3 years old. For example, if your child is 3 in February, you will be able to apply for the funding from the Easter term onwards. This is for the Nursery class only and does not apply to children in the Reception class.

Any additional sessions, plus lunch and/or supper on funded days are subject to charge.

Please contact us to register your interest.

*Please visit the website for more information on eligibility criteria. 


Financial Support / Bursaries

A small number of means-tested bursaries are available on entry to Year 7. Bursaries may also be available to pupils in the case of unexpected hardship, either for a short period of time or to enable a pupil to complete a GCSE course when it is not in their best interest to transfer to another school.

The Trustees will decide on any level of financial support to be offered by March preceding September entry. Documentary evidence must be provided in all cases. A bursary application form can be obtained from the Registrar and should be submitted with a pupil’s Registration Form. Please note bursaries are offered in line with the school’s available funding and not all applications will be accepted. Currently we do not offer financial support to pupils in Junior School.

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are available on entry to Year 7 to pupils who we believe have the capacity to reach the highest grades and to be ambassadors for the school. In addition to the Entrance Day, they will be invited in to school to sit some formal assessments which may include Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning and internal English and Maths tests. This will take place in January, following the Entrance Day. Hollygirt will make recommendations of suitability to some following the Entrance Day but parents may opt for the additional testing if they believe it is appropriate for their child. Academic Scholarships award up to 25% reduction of basic fees for the five years a pupil will remain in Senior School. These are not means-tested but are subject to specific terms and conditions of award.

Music Awards

Music Awards are also available, offering free tuition on one instrument taught in school. Pupils should normally have reached the standard of Grade 3, but we would prefer a pupil to play a Grade 2 piece musically, rather than struggle through a Grade 3 piece that is new. It is a condition of the award that pupils sing in the choir and play in one or more of the bands/groups at school, perform solos when required and act as an ambassador for music both within school and outside. Awards will be reviewed on an annual basis, to make certain that pupils still attain the standards and commitment expected of an award holder. Should instrumental lessons be missed other than for reasons of absence from school or other exceptional circumstances, parents could be expected to reimburse the school.

A shortlist of candidates will be invited for audition. They will be expected to play two contrasting pieces and, if offering a second instrument, one on that instrument also. There will also be a viva voce examination on the music played with the Head of Music, and a short interview with the Head.

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