Physical / Fitness

Sixth formers have the opportunity to try out enrichment activities which focus on physical fitness. Student voice is always important, and programmes are developed with this in mind, with the following being given as examples.

Whether it’s the finesse of tennis, the exhilarating glide of ice skating, the calming and strengthening effects of yoga, or the invigorating challenge of running, these activities offer a diverse spectrum for students to engage in. Through tennis, they can refine their agility and strategic thinking; while yoga nurtures mindfulness and flexibility. Running, with its cardiovascular benefits, instills perseverance and endurance. 

Self-defence classes are a blend of fun and utility, offering a mix of physical activity, mental agility, and practical life skills in a supportive environment. These sessions are always popular, and students find them to be empowering, interactive and engaging. 

These opportunities not only foster physical well-being but also encourage camaraderie and a holistic approach to healthy living among sixth formers.

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