January 19, 2024

Motivation, good intentions, and why New Year’s resolutions don’t work

This has been a theme of our form time learning in Sixth Form since we returned from our Christmas break.  New Year’s resolutions are notoriously unsuccessful.  Good intentions and lots of motivation at the start don’t seem to be related to how successful we are, whether it is eating healthily, going to the gym or something more work related such as embedding new study habits.

Mrs Brown, the Head of Sixth Form, has a real interest in this and has utilised her background in Psychology to guide the sixth formers.  Students have enjoyed exploring the key steps in order to develop a new habit that they actually stick to.  It could be completing wider reading and research, making revision material as they go along, turning off the distraction of their mobile and so on.  The key is starting small – effective change is not a one-off big event, but small things done regularly that all add up.  We discovered the two minute rule, and how to make changes in your environment in order to smooth the way to success.  Plus the power of positive praise.

This was a really positive start to the new year, and something which can make all the difference.  The student experience here at Hollygirt Sixth Form can be summed up as “thriving in a supportive environment” with many examples of how their academic studies are supported by a holistic programme which gives them the skills to succeed.  It is a real pleasure working with our students and watching them grow and develop in confidence.

Mrs Alison Brown
Head of Sixth Form