January 19, 2024

Our students have been sparkling brightly this week

Message from the Deputy Head 

Dear Parents,

We had two successful days where we invited Year 6 into the secondary school for the Entrance and Scholarship Days.  We had over 60 Year 6 pupils join us on Wednesday which I’m told is the biggest number we have had for an Entrance Day in a long time.  The pupils enjoyed four lessons including Spanish, Maths, Food Technology and Art.  In the afternoon the group took part in team building activities.  We have had a lot of positive feedback from the pupils and parents about the school and all of our school community should feel proud for making Wednesday a special day.

On Thursday we held our Year 7 Scholarship Day.  We were so impressed by the young people who attended the day and we look forward to welcoming them to our school in September.  I had so many lovely conversations with parents over the two days who spoke so highly of Hollygirt and they are looking forward to their children joining our nurturing school community.

On Monday I delivered an assembly on New Year traditions – see link here.

On Friday, we join the Prep School to celebrate Sparkle Day by encouraging pupils to wear a sparkly accessory.  This is to raise awareness of being kind to ourselves and to others.

Our ECA programme is up and running again and I would like to encourage pupils to join a club if they haven’t already.

Have a lovely weekend.

Dave Cholerton
Deputy Head

Message from the Head of Prep

Good afternoon,

The children in the Prep School have enjoyed Sparkle Week and I love all the accessories they have worn to school.  I was delighted to receive a beautiful thank you card from Early Years on Tuesday afternoon; it really made my day!  So many acts of kindness have been carried out throughout the week including decorating stones with kind words.  These will all be celebrated in assembly this afternoon.

Mrs Keyworth and Mrs Wand took the girls’ football team to Repton Prep School on Wednesday and they did so well!  Here is Mrs Keyworth’s match report.

The U11 Girls’ Football team played their first match this week.  They took part in an informal tri-school tournament against Repton and Pennine Way.

In preparation for the match, the girls had been coached by four Year 6 boys who willingly gave up their lunchtimes in order to put the team through their paces.  On the day, the girls played so well, despite being new to the sport.  Hollygirt drew 1-1 against Repton and then beat Pennine Way 1-0 which meant that we topped the group on points.  Well done to all of them.  Despite the freeing cold, it was a fantastic afternoon – topped off by a match tea of sausage and chips.

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed Entrance Day on Wednesday, with the opportunity to experience different lessons and meet new people.  It was a really successful day.

Have a lovely weekend,

Victoria Wright
Head of Prep

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