January 26, 2024

Miniature Masterpieces – Sixth Form Arts Enrichment Programme

We didn’t need to travel far this week to experience an excellent opportunity to view the work of a world renown artist.  The trip provided the opportunity for students to explore the exhibition ‘Miniature Masterpieces’ by Dr Willard Wigan, in which intricate micro-sculptures are created that are so small they fit in the eye of a needle.  This contributed to our Arts Enrichment Programme – our students build on their academic studies by benefitting from a rich programme of varied activities.  It is so important that students have experiences wider than the classroom, and these memorable moments will be key when they think back fondly on their time in Sixth Form.

Another highlight of the trip was our ‘behind the scenes’ tour to discover the hidden history of the hall.  Local history was brought to life in such a rich way.  We marvelled at the views from the Prospect Room and rooftop, with the panoramic views over Nottingham.  From the heights of the building down to the chilly cellars it was an amazing experience, giving us a real historical and cultural perspective.  Ample inspiration was even provided for the Arts Textile course we run, with the costumes and artwork on display.

Here is what the Year 12 students had to say:-

“I have learned the intriguing historical narrative of the hall.”

“The top room of the hall looked like a fantasy, we have had a lovely time and I’d like to visit there again.”

had a really fun time at Wollaton Hall because the tour was so interesting. I was so fascinated by all the different rooms we went in. My favourite moment at Wollaton Hall was going into the blue room. I felt happiness in there due to the positivity and joy drifting about in the room. It was probably one of my favourite school trips I’ve been on.”

It was a fabulous way to come together as a group and was a celebration for the students who had completed their Criminology Controlled Assessment in the preceding week.  This is worth 25% of their course, so it was certainly a trip that was well earned!

Mrs Alison Brown
Head of Sixth Form