January 12, 2024

Unlocking potential: Sixth Formers empowered to achieve through a workshop celebrating uniqueness

As we return from the Christmas break, our Sixth Formers have arrived ready to start a new term.  Their study programmes are carefully designed to provide a rounded education – academic lessons being balanced with a rich PSHE and enrichment programme.  A key focus this half term is on understanding ourselves better and celebrating diversity.  We got off to a hugely positive start with an inspirational workshop provided by ‘Unique and Loved’.  Our Year 12 students were joined by the Year 11 applicants to Sixth Form, to explore how embracing individuality and self-acceptance leads to meeting your full potential in life.  Students learned about how we can have very different perceptions to others, and how communication matters.  Boosting self-esteem enables our students to grow into confident young adults, who are compassionate citizens in today’s society.

A selection of comments from the students shows how they valued this opportunity.  It was a great way to start 2024 with a positive mindset.

“I can think in a more positive way now.”

“I can have a high self-esteem to get to my goals more easily”

“Everyone is unique”

“There is only one of yourself”

With thanks to uniqueandloved.co.uk