Marisa – A day in the life at Sixth Form

There is always something interesting happening in sixth form. Every morning we start the day with registration, taking part in a range of helpful activities. One highlight was for World Mental Health Day when we kicked off the day with the Hello Yellow campaign. We went over to the senior school, handed out cards to everyone from year 7 onwards to write kind messages for our teachers. It was heart-warming to see everyone get involved!

After registration, it’s time for lessons or study periods. The study periods give us great opportunities to complete homework or start some revision for upcoming tests. With the small classes I can complete work easier and get help when needed. Tests have become less stressful, and homework is easily managed. It is a real plus that we get all the help we need.

At 11:05, it’s break time! We chat and gear up for the next set of lessons. In our Personal, Health, Social and Economic Education (PHSE) we are together as a group. Those sessions are interesting! We discuss life skills like adapting to change, sharing experiences in group discussions.

Lunch break is a chance to go off site if we wanted to or head into clubs. I’m part of the Psychology, United Nations and Justice System clubs, and even run a few with my friend Josie, including Anime. 

Our final lessons of the day then start. On Wednesdays it is like being at university, as lessons stop so that we can take part in enrichment activities. Recently, we’ve been exploring work experience and future careers, which is super helpful for planning ahead.

At the end of the day, we can stay and study in the Study Space if we wish, but I balance my time with dance classes in the evening, so use time in the day to get organised with my work.

This is what a day in the life looks like for me. 

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