Josie – A day in the life at Sixth Form

Starting my sixth form day at 8:40, I head to the common room to say hi and catch up with everyone before heading into our form time. These sessions are pretty diverse—for example Mrs. Brown, our Head of Sixth Form, shared some fantastic revision techniques and creative ways to study. They’re not just helpful but also surprisingly fun!

Once form time wraps up, it’s either straight into lessons or free periods, depending on your timetable. With the school being on the smaller side, I love the personalised learning and close-knit atmosphere in our classes.

Break time is a chance for us to gather in the Sixth Form common room, where we hang out, play games, and just unwind together. 

After break, it’s back to lessons and once a week we have Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE). These sessions cover everything from general life skills to advice. In our recent PSHE sessions, we delved into British values and brainstormed what values we think are crucial for our sixth form. Respect, consideration, individuality, and determination emerged as the frontrunners, and we even created posters to represent these values.

Lunch is an hour long, which gives time for lots of opportunities. There are lots of clubs available to run or join. These are all optional but great for people who love to get involved!  I am in the school council, and as the senior students in the school we support the younger ones and help make key decisions. 

After lunch we have our final lessons or enrichment. Enrichment is one of my favourite parts of the week as it is so inclusive, relaxed and interesting. We voted on Action Aid to be the charity Sixth Form would support this year, and planned the Christmas Stalls for the school fair in order to raise money. We all gave ideas, and everyone had a part. 

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