June 28, 2019

The Sud’s Hollygirt Story

Please take 10 minutes out of your day to listen to The Sud’s assembly from this morning about their experience of Hollygirt School.

Mr Sud (Mathematics Teacher), Shanti (former Hollygirt pupil, 2016) and Shivani (Year 11) spoke from their hearts this morning about the value of Hollygirt and what it has done for them individually and as a family.

Shanti, at age 14, was a school refuser. She missed the first term of Year 10 and joined Hollygirt at Christmas in 2015. She openly admits that she was the child that people thought of as having “issues”. Shanti credits Hollygirt for helping her to “regain confidence and stability” and ultimately “changing the course of her life”. After previously being predicted to massively underperform in her GCSEs at another school, she left Hollygirt with 5 A*, 3 A and 2 B grades at GCSE. After Hollygirt, she attended Loughborough College and achieved A*, A, A and was offered a place at Oxford University. She turned down the offer at Oxford University in order to stay closer to home and instead attended Loughborough University where she is currently in her first year studying Accounting and Finance.

Everyone has a Hollygirt story. What’s yours?