March 1, 2024

Young Professionals Programme Launches, Empowering Sixth Form Students for Success 

Our Young Professionals Programme pulls together all the benefits of studying at Hollygirt Sixth Form and it gives me great pleasure to launch it.  Our Sixth Form provision and support regarding the futures of our students is something we are really proud of.  

Year 12 and 13 are key years as they are the bridge to a student’s future career pathway, and also the time in which they mature into a young adult, building in confidence and life skills.  Here in Sixth Form, we have been busy supporting our students’ academic growth in their A level subjects, together with providing a breadth of opportunities in which career and wider skills can flourish. 

Our programme is carefully designed and balanced, and designed to really enrich our student experiences.  Key links have been established, and students benefit from the range of expertise this brings.  Here is just a snapshot:- 

  • University pathways – University visits, workshops, UCAS Discovery Event, Open Days 
  • Careers Support – Business links, Youth Employment UK programme, personalised opportunities 
  • Work experience – law, engineering, animal management, working with children 
  • Personal growth & wellbeing – workshops by Unique and Loved and Nottingham Trent University 
  • International and cultural awareness – guest speakers 
  • Enrichment – team building fun, arts and culture 
  • Skills – CPR through National Heart Foundation, critical thinking, debating, fundraising 

Please do get in touch if you want to find out more at

Mrs Alison Brown
Head of Sixth Form