April 30, 2019

Nottingham City Schools High Five Tournament

We entered two teams to play in the Nottingham City Schools High Five tournament on Wednesday 24th April. Although we didn’t make it through to the next stage, we had a fantastic time and scored a good number of goals!

Well done to Mordecai and Cas in Team A for scoring the goals and also well done to the goal scorers in Team B: Elliot, George, Amanveer and Ishamael.

A very big thank you to Lola in Year 4 who had to step up on the day to take another pupil’s place – despite being the smallest and youngest player in the tournament, she did very well!

Team A: 3rd in their group

v NGHS B won 1-0 and drew 0-0
v Whitemoor lost 0-3 and 0-5
v Scotholme A lost 0-1
v Scotholme B won 1-0
v Rufford won 1-0

Team B: 4th in their group

v Rufford won 1-0
v Southwark lost 0-5
v NGHS A lost 0-10
v Scotholme B lost 1-4
v NGHS B won 4-3