March 8, 2024

Discovering my future career: insights from my virtual healthcare work experience 

The Young Professionals Programme has launched in Sixth Form which includes careers advice.  This has really helped as I have been exploring different options.  I found my recent insight into healthcare work experience through Mrs Brown, the Head of Sixth Form, as she sent me a link knowing that it would be something of interest to me.  She investigates work experience and opportunities and kindly sends them through, as well as filling the Sixth Form careers website with useful links for everyone.  

It was certainly worth joining the virtual medical work experience session.  It included an introduction on midwifery; including university courses, entry requirements and an honest personal view of the work from a real midwife.  This was great for me, as I was torn between aiming for a career in midwifery or forensic psychology, and after this experience I now know that midwifery is the route I want to go down.  After the introduction, we saw an acted scenario in which a man called an ambulance for a suspected stroke.  We got to view the paramedic, the nursing and his recovery process, including a dietitian, speech and language therapist and an orthopaedic doctor.  This whole experience showed many NHS roles and the wide variation of potential careers.  

This online work experience was great as I could do it from home and still get so much information.  In a couple of weeks everyone in Sixth Form has a careers advice meeting, with an experienced careers advisor, which I am really looking forward to, as it will help us to look at university, jobs and future planning. 

Josie Hardman, Year 12
Hollygirt Sixth Form
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