April 23, 2021

Weekly News – Friday 23rd April

This week's featured image is of Aleesha's reply from Buckingham Palace, on behalf of The Queen, about her saving the rainforests project!

Message from the Headmistress

Dear Parents,

Welcome back, this is my second communication of the week. Hopefully hereafter it will revert to just the Friday update.

We have had a very positive start to the term. Most of the children have remembered to come and leave in their blazers! The sun has shone on us and we are all in much better spirits, rested and well.

Well done to our new pupils, who have all settled in really well!

Further LFD testing kits (a box of 7) have been sent home with pupils today. These will last for the next 3.5 weeks. The guidance for their usage and the rationale for this is well covered in the new parent handbook which was sent out earlier in the week. I am aware that some senior schools have already had to close down bubbles this term and we are very mindful not to let things slip as society opens up. The last thing we want now is to interrupt the pupil’s education again.

One rule that appears to be being frequently ignored is that groups may meet in outdoor venues, but should not be doing so indoors yet. Whilst it seems silly that the children can meet daily in the classroom but shouldn’t be doing so in their own homes, the guidance is there for a reason, and as a school, we are following it closely. Please support us in this.

This week and next, all Senior Year groups are being re-introduced to our behaviour pathway, and we are reinforcing our expectations of pupil behaviour, especially online. The staff have been re-trained in digital safety also. All pupils will be made aware of the consequences of serious breaches of discipline and in some rare cases, may have their phones confiscated and passed to the police if inappropriate material is being shared. The focus is on pupils taking personal responsibility for their digital footprint and how they may be complicit by looking, commenting, or sharing such information. Hollygirt follows comprehensive guidance on such issues, within our own policy and in line with external expectations, which in some cases we have to share with external agencies.

As I move into my last term at the school, I am gradually handing over information to Mrs Barsham and she will get increasingly involved in school; getting to know the staff, parents, and pupils, policies, and procedures before she officially commences her Headship at the end of August. We are aspiring for a seamless transition.

We are still getting enquiries for September 2021 and have a further virtual Open Day scheduled for Wednesday 5th May. If you know people who have not got their chosen schools, or whose children have not settled back into positive learning in their schools and are not thriving, please remember to recommend Hollygirt to them. 

Have a fabulous weekend,

Mrs Hutley

Message from the Head of Juniors

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! A huge welcome to our new pupils in Junior School. They all seem to have settled in really well, and I know they will all be very happy here. 

I hope you had a good Easter break – it certainly seemed like a long holiday and I am sure we have all enjoyed being able to meet up with people outdoors again. 

This week, through assemblies and PSHE lessons, we have thought about our wellbeing and what makes us happy, healthy, and comfortable. We looked at whether we remember to include enough of these things in our day and, for the teachers too, this was a really interesting and helpful activity. 

We are now serving hot lunches every day and the new menu, with a range of delicious meals, can be viewed online here. Whilst we encourage all children to choose one of these options if there are any days when you would prefer your child (Y1-6) to have a sandwich bag instead, please could you let Form Teachers know, as this is available at parental request only.

You should have received letters about ECA clubs which start on Monday. To begin with, we are offering a club on one night of the week to each bubble; we hope to be able to increase our offering later in the term. Please send consent slips back by Monday if your child wishes to participate in their weekly club. After School Club will run as usual until 5:30 pm and children can join after ECA activities finish if you wish them to.

Please remind children to bring blazers to school every day. Waterproof coats may also be needed on some days, but in addition to blazers.

I hope the sun keeps shining and you all have a lovely weekend

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Mrs Wright
Head of Juniors