November 20, 2020

Weekly News – Friday 20th November

This week's featured image is of Year 1 planting their spring bulbs in the Hollygirt garden ready to brighten up 2021.

Message from the Headmistress

Dear Parents,

I have just sat in a lovely whole school virtual assembly at the end of Anti-Bullying Week. It reinforced perfectly our school ethos, with simplicity and clarity: We are all individuals, and no one would want it any other way; we need to be kind and supportive to each other to leave a positive mark, not a blot.

As a school we recognise that in stressful or anxious  situations, sometimes we can act out of character as our ‘fuses’ can be quite short. These are no ordinary times for any of us, with new rules and new ways of doing day to day things, but our expectations of good behaviour, and kindness remain. We follow up all issues as calmly and sensitively as we can.

Thank you to the parents who managed to complete the Parent Satisfaction Survey. As well as giving us comparative data year on year, it is at the heart of the managements’ planning and strategy. We have already analysed the scores and the comments and have an action plan in place. As it was anonymous, we are not able to respond to individuals, and urge any with concerns to ensure they have raised their issues with an appropriate member of the school team. You will also receive a summary of the results in your inbox next week.

We are busy planning our Covid-safe end of term activities to celebrate Christmas, Christmas lunches, shows and carols. I will send out more details of all of this as it is available.

Currently, this half term the school is virus-free. We want it to remain so, so that we can all enjoy whatever we are allowed to do when we get to the end of it. Thank you to your continual support in following the rules which help us all to mitigate the risks. There are no changes or further updates this week. (This is a first!)

Next Friday it is time for Parents’ Forum again.  This will be a Zoom meeting at 6.00pm. Parents are invited to submit questions or queries for the agenda now, to and to also let her know if you would like to be sent the link to join the meeting. If no agenda items are submitted, the meeting will be cancelled. Any parents may attend and being a virtual meeting there is no limit to attendees. Just a reminder that it is not the place for the discussion of individual concerns about your child or teacher.

All that remains is to wish you all a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Hutley

Message from the Head of Juniors

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Dear Parents,

Another busy week in the Junior School.  It is Anti-Bullying Week and the children have participated in assemblies on both bullying and being unique.  In the classroom, teachers have prepared activities on these topics, reading stories, creating posters and making friendship bracelets.  We have also understood the important message that we are ‘United against Bullying’.

You will have all received the details of our Christmas Productions and Quizzes towards the end of term.  We do hope you can join us; we are really looking forward to these.  The children are working so hard in school to learn their lines and songs; thank you for the additional support you are putting in at home with this.

We are currently finalising our Christmas plans and next week, I should be able to provide more information on the things we will be doing in school in lead up to the holidays.  A little different this year but nonetheless, we have got some great things planned.

With the more distanced drops off and collections, please remember we are still here should you have any concerns or just want a chat.  Please email us or request a telephone call if you wish to speak to us.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Wright
Head of Juniors