November 13, 2020

Weekly News – Friday 13th November

This week's featured image is of Year 1 in their onesies and pyjamas for Children in Need.

Message from the Headmistress

Dear Parents,

We have been on BBC Radio Nottingham Drive Time this morning, with our support for Joe Wicks’ PE Challenge for Children in Need. Well done to Miss Nisan and her team for arranging this on short notice yesterday! I must say it is weird to be writing this in my dressing gown and slippers – but not an unpleasant experience.  It certainly lifts the spirits to have children wearing their colourful onesies and pyjamas today. Maybe every Friday should be Pyjama Day! (Maybe not).

Thank you also to Mrs Howlett who put together our Remembrance Day service on Teams. We were a little challenged by technology (too many people trying to use the internet at the same time) but I had a stunning moment when during our silence I heard loud and strong the chimes from the clock in the market square. We are in the process of upgrading our broadband width to help with our increased usage.

If anyone was driving my way on Thursday morning, there was a most spectacular rainbow on the left, followed by an amazing skyline/sunrise where the sun was belting through a patch of bright sky, with multi coloured strata above it. A gloriously soulful experience which oddly symbolised hope to me. Let’s look out for these things in nature, did you also see the spectacular cobwebs on the misty mornings/evenings? Crunch some leaves and enjoy what remains of the Autumn.

Up to today, we have now had two weeks Covid-free in school. Thank you parents for your support in all our new actions which have all contributed to reducing the likely spread through school. We are awaiting news of the Nottingham/Nottinghamshire instant swab testing for the asymptomatic population. And of course, the news of the probability of a vaccine being rolled out to the most vulnerable by Christmas is great to hear.

We are aware that we cannot relax and must continue to take all due precautions to ensure the continuity of education for all our children and the safety of our staff.

With this in mind, can I remind parents collecting children to wear masks on the Avenue.

We are seeking a new Caretaker for January. The post details are on our website here and are further advertised on If you know anyone who might be interested in such a position, please let them know. This is to replace Curtis McDonald.

Year 11 Parents’ Evening is next week and is our first venture onto our new platform. We are hoping it goes smoothly, but in advance, please forgive us is we have gremlins. You know how it is sometimes… I remind all parents to make appointments with all the teachers who teach your son/daughter. I am also available throughout the evening for appointments if required.

Next week is Anti-Bullying Week. We are starting this on Monday with an Odd Socks Day.

Hot lunches in the Senior School will re-commence in January, 2 days a week. We had hoped this would be sooner, but without the additional caretaker, it cannot be facilitated this term.

I hope that those of you (us) who need to sleep, do so over the weekend; that we get some daylight exercise and we enjoy our family time.

Have a happy weekend,

Mrs Hutley

Message from the Head of Juniors

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Dear Parents,

Firstly, welcome back to EYFS and KS1, children and staff.  I know you have had a great week in school and I am so pleased to see you all back.

Today, we are in our pyjamas, onesies, dressing gowns, Pudsey ears and accessories. I think the children (and staff) really enjoy coming to school in their pyjamas!  Thank you for helping us to support Children in Need this year and for your donations.

I joined EYFS and Charlotte, from Nottingham City Library Service, on TEAMS earlier.  She read the three nominations for the Nottingham Children’s Book Award to us, ‘I am a Tiger’, ‘This is Gus’ and ‘This is Owl’. The children now have to decide and vote on their favourite.

Next week is Anti-Bullying week and we begin with Odd Socks Days to celebrate that we are all unique.  On Monday, children should come to school in uniform but can accessorise with a pair of odd socks; please could they bring in £1 to support the charity.

You will be receiving an email detailing the Christmas productions this year.  These will be recorded in school, in bubbles, and then streamed on Zoom, in the evening, on Thursday 10th December (Years 5 and 6 Production) and Friday 11th December. (Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 2 Production / Years 3 and 4 Production).  We are following these with a Christmas Quiz for parents and staff.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Wright
Head of Juniors