August 25, 2022

Hollygirt Celebrates GCSE Results

Dear Hollygirt community,

Against the backdrop of a pandemic and a ‘return to normal’ system of marking exams, I want to congratulate all the students at Hollygirt on their excellent GCSE results. We have some real successes to celebrate!

This cohort was taught remotely for over half of their GCSE course so thank you to the staff team who gave such excellent provision here. These students faced incomparable challenges, yet in the spirit that is the ethos of the school, their hard work and resilience have shone through.

This statement should not really be about the data because that is not who we are as a school, we value each and every individual success and not just around exams.

However, I include a brief summary though so that you can see for yourselves the great achievements of our students and I express my thanks to the staff who worked so hard in difficult circumstances; ever onward and upward.

9 – 7 grades (A*/A): 36.2%

9 – 4 grades (A/ C): 91.9%

9 – 1( A / Pass) grades: 100%

We wish every continued success and importantly happiness to our Year 11s for their futures and look forward next year to being able NOT to have to say goodbye to some of our Year 11s but welcome them to Hollygirt Sixth Form.

A small but special shout out to one of our Year 9 students who is also celebrating a level 9 in Physics today!

Heartfelt congratulations to the students who worked so hard to achieve these results against the odds! Don’t forget us.

Dr Helen Barsham