June 9, 2023

Weekly News – Friday 9th June 2023

Message from the Head

Dear Parents,

My thanks to the Prep staff Mrs Maher, Miss Cooper and Mr Gray for taking Year 3 and 4 on a residential trip to Wollaton Hall at the beginning of this week.

We are really excited to announce some residential adventures this week for the Seniors and also a Prep/Senior opportunity.

Mrs Wright is sending a letter out today about a trip to Iceland around Easter 2024 for the current Year 8, 9 and 10 (who will be Year 9, 10 and 11).  The letter is an invitation to register your interest only so do have a look.  A further trip is planned for summer 2024 to Paris and Euro Disney for what will be Year 6, 7 and 8.  Our plan is to keep rotating year groups and places so that all students receive opportunities for these types of adventures.  We are mindful of our global footprint and will be only flying once and then hopefully to Paris on the Eurostar train.

Back to more recent events.  We started the week in Seniors with an assembly to celebrate Pride month.  My thanks to Mrs Howlett and her team for this.  A reminder about truly valuing diversity.  The PowerPoint presentation used in the assembly can be viewed here.

Staying with Mrs Howlett, her Year 9 PSHE class are tasked with a Dragon’s Den type initiative which we thought we’d share with you:

Year 9 have begun the ‘£10 Enterprise challenge’.  The principle is enterprise and ethics.  The students have begun ideas and peer planning how they can return as much profit as possible from a £10 start up investment.  Next week the students will be given £10 each (though some have begun working in small groups to combine start up investment).  They will run their ideas for profit making until the deadline of  Monday 3rd July. 

Over the next weeks in school, we will be tracking planning toward target markets, ethics, outgoings, profit margins etc.  The profits will be donated to the charity of the students’ choice, however, to encourage challenge, the student(s) with the highest profit returned will receive 50% of the profit raised in a voucher of their own choice. 

Hopefully the students have begun conversations at home around this and we ask for your support where they may be sourcing resources.  We look forward to the results…

Some exciting news to share is that the minibus is here and I believe the first fixture is planned in the minibus for Monday.  We will aim to start the Autumn Term by picking up and dropping off our students from the bus stop near the High Schools – unless there is a fixture.

Just to reassure you that since we got rid of plastic water bottles we have had numerous mains water fountains installed – the company sends water aid to Ghana and no more plastic.

Next week is really busy!  We’re looking forward to two whole school productions of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and on Friday we also have our Taster Day for Year 5.  Just to keep you in the loop, I am not in school on Friday and so Mrs Wright is at the helm.  I will see the production on Thursday and will be very sorry to miss the Year 5 tasters, but I am afraid my absence is unavoidable.  I hope to catch up with them at some point.

Please can I also remind parents about considerate parking and being respectful towards our neighbours.  We appreciate it can be difficult to park around school but please do so considerably and safely.

Helen Barsham

Message from the Deputy Head of Seniors / Head of Prep

Good afternoon,

Welcome back.  I hope you all had a fantastic half term break.

Another busy week in Prep.  On Monday, Years 3 and 4 went on an adventure to Wollaton Park, camping overnight.  This is what Mrs Maher said about the trip.

On Monday 5th June, Year 3 and 4 departed for Wollaton Park for their one night residential.  During the trip, the children took part in activities such as scavenger hunt, whacky races and a campfire.  The children enjoyed singing songs and telling stories around the campfire.  We camped in tents overnight and SOME sleep was had…

On Tuesday, we were able to look around the magnificent Wollaton Hall, even seeing Titus the T-Rex!  We also made excellent use of the adventure playground.  They had a brilliant time and there were lots of tired children on Tuesday afternoon.

The Art Exhibition on Wednesday was fabulous.  I know everyone who visited was so impressed with the work Prep and Kindergarten created and I am so glad you all enjoyed it.

Careers Day on Thursday was a great success.  It was so interesting to listen to parents talk about their different jobs and career paths.  Thank you so much to parents who came in to present to the children.  They all really enjoyed it, asked such great questions and learnt so much; this is definitely something we will be looking to repeat next year.

Next week, we are looking forward to watching the performances of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which both Prep and Senior children have been working so hard towards.  The first production is on Thursday at 5.00pm, followed by a further production on Friday at 2.00pm.  These will be held in the White House garden.  Parents are all welcome and we look forward to seeing you there.

Friday next week is also our Year 5 Taster Day and all of these children will have the opportunity to experience a day in the Senior School.  I know they will have a great day.

Have a lovely weekend,

Victoria Wright
Deputy Head of Seniors
Head of Prep