May 6, 2022

Weekly News Friday 6th May

This week's featured image is of the Hollygirt Class of 2022! We hope you all had a wonderful Leavers' Day and we wish you the very best of luck in your forthcoming exams. You'll be missed!

Message from the Head

Dear Parents,

Back to business as usual this week once our ISI inspection was over. It will likely be about 6-7 weeks before I can share the results but you should know that I’m looking forward to sharing them.

This week, Year 11 treated us to a special assembly and photos of their younger years. We wish them every success and happiness in their futures and know that we will see many of them again (next week, actually, for revision sessions). We thank them for their contributions to Hollygirt school life and will welcome them as alumni as the years unfold. I have been thinking about their legacy and I’d like to pick up on a great idea that Alex L (fondly known as Leggett) had which is for a Hollygirt school student newspaper; a good idea and something to remember this year group by. The students’ newspaper (from September 2022) could be called “Leggett’s Legacy”. Year 11 are to confirm the name with me. There are photos of today’s celebrations at the bottom of the page.

Today Mr Dean delivered an assembly about making connections. How the little things we do or say all have an effect in the present and the future. As I type, the Year 10 DofE expedition is underway and those groups will certainly be making connections over their hiking, the putting up of tents and mutual cooking. They will be tired and most likely hungry upon return! Thanks to Mr Deacon and the team for giving up their time for our intrepid explorers.

On Monday, I am delivering another assembly on retrieval practice (a proven revision technique). As the school approaches its annual assessment week (23rd – 27th May) you may find some of the following information /links useful. Since 2020, retrieval practice has been recognised as a key learning technique and is now included in the Teaching Standards. Useful websites include: and A reminder too that I am ‘live’ at this video link talking about revision strategies:

Can I politely remind parents that you must let us know if your son /daughter is absent from school for any reason and about any days off school during term time – please request permission from myself. I understand that education does not start and stop at the school gate and truly marvel at some of the experiences outside of school that our youngsters are involved with -so we do adopt a balanced approach to requests.

We are just getting to grips with next year’s timetable and all the exciting plans we have for the students – always ensuring that their happiness is at the heart of what we do. Hollygirt is an amazing team with amazing students and – as I said when I started – l feel very privileged to be the Head.

Have a lovely, warm weekend. Don’t forget the sun cream next week.

Best wishes

Helen Barsham


Message from the Head of Juniors

Good afternoon,

As I write this, the sun is shining and it looks as though we have some beautiful weather on the way.  Please could I remind you that if it is hot, children need to be wearing sun cream and should bring some to school with them. They also need their sunhats.

This half term seems to be going really quickly.  The children are, as usual, working incredibly hard.

The children in Early Years have been learning about Eid and children have shared photos of their celebrations.

As part of their ‘People Who Help Us’ topic, EYFS have talked about dentists and how to brush their teeth properly.  Today, the children brought in their toothbrushes and toothpaste so they could all brush their teeth together.

KS1 have been busy planting lots of seeds and enjoying watching them grow.  I have been most impressed by their vocabulary when they have talked about their plants.

In KS2, some children have written excellent potion instructions whilst in Science lessons, others have made paper cup telephones, testing them outside in the sunshine, with much success. KS2 will soon be preparing for their Summer tests.  These will take place the week before half term with the week prior to this as a revision week in school where they will learn valuable revision techniques.

Have a lovely weekend,

This week’s Stars of the Week can be viewed here.

Mrs Wright
Head of Juniors


Leavers’ Day