May 19, 2023

Weekly News – Friday 19th May 2023

Message from the Head

Dear Parents,

I feel inspired to write a different kind of newsletter this week.

Tomorrow, I am giving a keynote speech at the University of Cambridge about my doctoral journey.

It was determination and resilience and perseverance that got me to the end result.  The very things that Mrs Brown, our new Head of Sixth Form, was talking about in assembly today.  Year 10 have also had some great experiences this week about UCAS, Sixth Form and future readiness.  Please read this link for Mrs Brown’s Sixth Form vision.

My doctorate is not the result of being clever.  It’s the result of getting up every time I was knocked down when there was a difficult supervision and I felt I knew nothing and that it was just ‘too hard’.  I would re-group – try again.  Google became my friend, and I leaned on other students for help.  I asked questions and questions and wrote to authors of books until I did understand the statistics that I had never studied at school.

This refusal to give in – dogged determination – is something I bring to my role as a Head.  I truly believe that Hollygirt is a unique educational experience and I believe wholeheartedly in the students here.  It’s hard for them to grow in a world where peer evaluation is paramount, and the use of distorted images of perfection on social media is the norm (it’s not all bad there is some good too) but it’s a privilege to work alongside these wonderful students as they mature.

My work is to ensure that the students are heard and that they have a voice in their education and their everyday.  To ensure that we deliver a curriculum and an extra curriculum that prepares them for their lives beyond Hollygirt and to instil our core values: kindness, hard work, resilience and honesty; to give them happy memories of school days.

Many of you know my mantra – with truth and communication – we can move mountains.  We are a team at Hollygirt and it’s the way that we all pull together for the students that has always impressed me.  No, we’re not perfect but my goodness there is real heart and understanding for all our students from the staff here.  That is priceless – we are a school like no other!

In my early days at Hollygirt, I talked about falling in love and then after some time here the feeling of marriage.  Today, I renew my vows to this wonderful community and my commitment to caring for every member: the students, the staff, parents, trustees and our wider community.  I promise to listen and to deliver the vision for Hollygirt with my wonderful team – I thank each and every one of them for their care of these wonderful sons and daughters.

Back to normal – Clumber will be selling ice creams / lollies in Prep and after school next Friday for their charity Make- a- Wish – please bring some pennies….

We hope the Year 10 students along with Mrs Howlett and Mr Dean have an enjoyable residential in Norfolk this weekend.

Helen Barsham

Message from the Head of Prep

Good afternoon,

Thank you to all parents who have volunteered to speak on Careers Day on Thursday 8th June.  I will be in touch about timings.  There are still spaces if you are happy to talk to the children, please let me know.

To raise money for the Make-A-Wish charity, Clumber will be selling ice creams and ice lollies next Friday afternoon.  These will be priced between £1.50 and £3; children should bring the money into school on Friday if they wish to purchase one.

Kindergarten and Prep’s Art Exhibition is on Tuesday 6th June.  This will be held in the White House, beginning at 3:45pm.  The children have been really busy preparing some amazing work for this and it will be a lovely event.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Have a lovely weekend,

Victoria Wright
Head of Prep