March 30, 2020

Update on Coronavirus – 30/03/20 at 16:30

Dear Parents,

Well done for week one! What a monumental change we have faced as we have moved children and staff to home-working and adapted to different ways of communicating with all. I have seen some evidence of fantastic engagement from home and we are showing some of this through our social media platforms and the image galleries on our website. I hope you have had the time to take a look. We know that it is a hard ask of parents to support their children’s learning, whilst often working from home themselves and we are doing everything we can to adapt our practice as teachers, too.

I am hearing of some great initiatives for Easter holiday activities including competitions and project work. Nothing over the Easter break (which starts this Thursday) is compulsory for the children but we remind you of the need to retain the good routines you are already in so that engagement with lessons can start formally again when we return. Teachers will be keeping in touch with you!

Our Chair of Trustees, Debra Costley, has had an article published today which you may find interesting about educating children at home. It specifically focusses on her specialist area; the education of autistic children, however, there is much of interest contained for all parents. It can be read here.

We are open again for the children of key workers from Tuesday 21st April. Please send an indication of your likely requirements so we can staff appropriately. I have been asking 2 Junior School staff and 2 Senior School staff to work each day, on a rota from those who are fit and not self-isolating. This will continue but staff will be sent home if no children arrive in their section of school by 9.30am. (As has been the case on Friday and Monday in the juniors). Please email We are sending a daily register to the Department for Education.

I think we are all adjusting to a different sort of life, and clearly it is not without its benefits, too. Be kind, be good and here are my quotations of the day…

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we fear less. (Marie Curie.)   


The simple bare necessities… forget about your worries and your strife… the bare necessities of life will come to you…  (Baloo) 

Keep warm, fed, exercised and well.

Mrs Pam Hutley