March 24, 2020

Update on Coronavirus – 24/03/20 at 16:00

Dear Parents,

On my gratitude list today is: how easy the drive to school is nowadays.

We are now entering a most serious phase in the attempts to curb the further spread of the virus, in line with government advice. If I can remind you:

  • Only key workers should be travelling to work (we are aware now there are some check points asking drivers where they are going)
  • Families are expected to self-isolate with the exception of one daily period of exercise during which social distancing must be maintained. The only permitted outings are to supermarkets and pharmacies for essential provisions.

Following this, today we have asked all our administrative staff to work from home.

Communication with School

Our phones will now be left on night service with a message for all callers to contact school via: These messages will be picked up remotely and shared with the correct person to deal with them. If your message requires a phone reply please leave the number on which to contact you. You can, of course, mail directly if you are used to communicating in this way.

Key Workers

We have a rota of staff providing in school care for the children of key workers. This is also pared down to the barest minimum to avoid all unnecessary contacts. Please let us know, by email, with notice if possible, if we are to expect your children into school or if they are currently in but no longer requiring the service.


I hope that most children have found a routine at home on day 2 of online learning and that all are accessing the materials available, lesson by lesson, to continue their studies. (We are aware if they are not). We know it is really hard if you too are working from home whilst supervising children and that for some this may not be the ideal way of working. Once we are into a routine we will be looking at other possible ways to continue to engage and motivate. All the classroom staff are working normal hours and are contactable via the platform.


We are looking at our fee expectation for next term and seeing what we can do to reduce the bills in line with our reduced outgoings. If we can get government financial support for some workers towards salaries, we will ensure that any savings to us will be reflected in the fee. But we are mindful that with the expectations on teachers to continue to deliver lessons online in line with the curriculum, and to mark and monitor progress as well as to keep in touch for pastoral purposes, and the fact that we need to ensure that once schools are able to re-open we will require a full complement of staff immediately, the reductions may not be as low as we may perhaps wish. We are doing our best in these challenging times to be fair to all, and to keep our communications on all matters direct and transparent.

I am aware that I have yet to respond to one parental question about the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Keep your general questions coming in.

We will carry on carrying on…

With best wishes,

Mrs Pam Hutley