October 14, 2019


Prize Giving – Wednesday 16th October at The Albert Hall

Please read the Prize Giving arrangements carefully.

Nursery to Year 2

Whilst there is no compulsion for our younger pupils and their parents to attend, if you can arrange babysitting
or you think they would enjoy the experience, you are most welcome. Prize Giving starts at 7.00pm and ends
before 9.00pm.

On the day of Prize Giving, pupils in Years 3 to 11 will be involved with rehearsals for all or part of the morning,
and they have the afternoon free in lieu of the compulsory evening attendance. We are giving parents with
pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 the option to collect their child from school at 12.30pm.

If your child does stay in school as usual on this day and usually attends After School Club, we would please
ask if you could aim to collect your child by 5.00pm.

Year 3 to 11

Any pupils who are involved in the entertainments programme or any pupil within the school receiving a prize should go straight to The Albert Hall for 8.45am. Other pupils in Years 3 to 11 (non-prize winners and non-musicians), should come to school as usual where they will stay until 10.30am and then walk to The Albert Hall.
The rehearsal will finish at 12.15pm when all pupils will then be free for the afternoon in lieu of attending Prize Giving in the evening. Pupils in the Junior School will need to be collected. Pupils who have been asked to speak or to perform a drama piece will rehearse until 1.00pm. Pupils in the Senior School may be allowed to leave on their own if this is your wish.

On the evening of Prize Giving, all pupils should arrive at the Albert Hall by 6.30pm in formal school uniform including their white shirt, tie and blazer (and green tights for girls). Hair must be tied back and no make-up worn.

Pupils may be collected at the end of Prize Giving at 8.45pm. After the event you are welcome to join the staff, trustees and prize winners in The Osborne Suite where refreshments can be purchased at the bar. Complimentary tea and coffee will be available to parents both before and after the event.

Due to the late finish of Prize Giving, we are happy for KS2 pupils (Years 3 to 6) to arrive in school slightly later the following morning but certainly no later than 10.30am.