Bus Timetable

Many pupils travel to and from school on the buses which are shared with other independent schools in the city.  Most of these buses load and unload on Baker Street (at Nottingham Girls’ High School).  At the end of the day, the buses leave Baker Street at 4.10pm.

Pupils walking to and from Hollygirt and Baker Street are required to walk in groups of two or more.  They must cross Mansfield Road using the pedestrian crossing.  Pupils may use a free shuttle bus to travel between Hollygirt and Baker Street each afternoon.  This departs from Hollygirt after each school day in time to catch alternative buses from Baker Street from 4.10pm onwards.  This service is offered as a courtesy and we have no jurisdiction over it.  Should it not arrive, pupils walk together between the two schools.

The buses run during the term time of Nottingham High School and are shared with us and Nottingham Girls’ High School.  The buses are not the direct responsibility of Hollygirt.  A number of companies are involved and methods of payments for fares vary.  Any queries about buses organised by Nottingham High School should be made to Ms J Boulton at Nottingham High School on 0115 978 6056 or schoolbus@nottinghamhigh.co.uk.

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