March 20, 2020

Nursery and Reception Timetable for Remote Learning

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your kind messages of support in what is truly an unprecedented time for us all. Rest assured, Hollygirt School is absolutely committed to carrying on providing a quality education to your children, albeit in a different way.

Please find attached the timetable so you can see the structure of the week. Where possible it will be helpful for the children to follow the timetable to give them some idea of what to expect and to keep the day familiar to them.

However, the nature of the EYFS curriculum is to be flexible to allow for children to dictate their own learning to a certain degree. Therefore you may feel that your child’s learning is taking them in a different direction, for example if they are particularly interested in a certain topic like space or horses (for example and I know some of the children are) you may wish to encourage your children to find out all they can about their chosen topic and to record and present their findings in any way they wish. You should also have received some workbooks which are yours to complete as and when you wish, in addition to the daily work I will send out.

From Monday next week, until the end of term, I will be sending you an email, giving the day’s activities. I will try to stick to the timetable but often the EYFS curriculum subject areas overlap with each other so please expect some flexibility in this. Evidence Me will be a great way for you to communicate your children’s learning and I will be able to respond to you and the children. I look forward to seeing the exciting things I am sure you will be doing. I would also like you to email me back photos or copies of the work the children do so I can comment on it and offer guidance to you as well as being able to monitor and assess the progress the children are making.

I am also hand each day to offer pastoral care still, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or require any advice about anything at all.
Please feel free to contact me during school hours and I will respond to you ASAP.

With very warmest wishes,
Helen Nicholson

Please click here to download the Nursery and Reception timetable for remote learning