May 1, 2020

Junior School Science Fair Competition Results


Highly Commended

Year 1

Ezra – Which colour bird box will attract most birds? Aggy – All about the tongue and taste buds

Year 2

Lucas – All about prehistoric fish and reptiles Gurleen  – All about The Solar System

Year 3

Chloe – How does smell affect taste? Finn – What happens when you mix differnet food with baking soda

Year 4

Lexi – How much food does a hamster eat? Mysie – What happens when you put sugar into milky solutions?

June – Can I make perfume out of flowers?

Year 5

Ally  – Which fruit is best to use as a battery? Hashim, Lujain (Year 6) and Jaber (Year 3) combined –What is the effect of sunlight on the rate of photosynthesis?

Oscar –
How far will sneezes spread and how can you stop this?

Year 6

Lawson –How effective are different types of soaps on eradicating germs? Amanveer – How clean are different surfaces in terms of bacteria that will grow?

Ben and Josh (Year 3) combined – Which liquid will cause an egg to rot the quickest?