March 18, 2019

Years 3 and 4 PGL Caythorpe Court Residential Trip

Pupils in Years 3 and 4 were very excited this morning as they arrived at school packed and ready to head off to PGL Caythorpe Court for their residential trip.

In the morning, we were tasked with building a raft that would float using barrels, ropes and wood. Once it was built, we tested it out on the water! We didn’t stay completely dry… Afterwards, we took it in turns to go on the giant two-seater swing whilst the rest of the group haled us up to 10 meters high! In the afternoon, we climbed over, crawled under and balanced on a range of obstacles. Sometimes muddy, sometimes wet, always challenging! Then we took part in a survivor challenge to discover who has what it takes to survive in the wilderness using only the things around us. In teams, we had to carefully share out tasks to construct a shelter before the time ran out!

We reckon we’re ready to enter The Island with Bear Grylls.