June 25, 2019

Year 9 Drama Workshop at Nottingham Playhouse

Pupils in Year 9 have been looking at conflict in their Drama lessons. This afternoon, we went to Nottingham Playhouse to take part in a drama workshop with Martin Berry (Head of Participation at Nottingham Playhouse) to explore the topic further.

With Toy Story 4 currently showing in the cinemas, what better example of dramatised conflict to work with than a squabbling scene from Toy Story 1 between Woody and Buzz? We had great fun acting this out.

We noticed that there is a pattern in drama where repetition is used to demonstrate or exacerbate conflict. In an argument, you’ll often hear a word strongly repeated back from what the other person has said in the dialogue.

Woody: “It’s all your fault!”
Buzz: “MY FAULT?”

Thank you to Nottingham Playhouse for enriching learning for pupils at Hollygirt School and for the amazing work they do for the wider community.