June 29, 2019

Garden Party

We had an amazing time at the Garden Party today! Mrs Heatlie and Mrs Scott were certainly busy in the cafe with the demand for ice pops.

Did you know the team members behind the ‘Pea in the Potty’ activity coloured in over 100 balls with a green Sharpie pen so that they looked like peas? Amazing! Well done to Miss Purchase for being the best potty pea-er! Mrs Morgan can’t win everything, hey?

The raffle was drawn at the end of the party and some spectacular prizes were won. We suggest the winner of the chocolate hamper uses it to dip strawberries and marshmallows into if it no longer contains solid bars of chocolate. If you had a winning ticket but were not present, a prize has been allocated to you and you will be contacted on Monday.

Thank you to all the Junior School staff and especially to Miss Wilson for helping the children plan their stalls in Enterprise Club and of course to Mrs Wand for making the whole event happen!