October 11, 2019

Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) of the Week: PET CLUB

Our Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) of the week is: PET CLUB with MRS HEATLIE.

Studies have shown that introducing animals into children’s everyday life has many benefits. Children can gain confidence by having the responsibility to care for an animal. Caring for an animal can also teach empathy. Your child learns to read the pet’s needs: Is he hungry? Does he need to go outside? And, importantly, animals can help socialise children and increase verbal skills. You’ve probably witnessed children who are still learning to talk attempting to chatter away to pets. A pet’s simple presence provides verbal stimulus to help your child practice talking and socialising with another being.

At Hollygirt, we have two resident guinea pigs called Hobnob and Gingernut.

Pet Club takes place on a Thursday lunchtime primarily for pupils in Reception to Year 2.