January 15, 2019

Architecture in the City

On Friday, a group of pupils from the Senior School attended an Architecture in the City event with Dr Laura Alvarez, Senior Principal Urban Design and Conservation Officer at Nottingham City Council.

We began with a session on architectural character at the lovely Urban Room on Carrington Street, an exhibition and events space with a focus on architecture, design, community and heritage. Pupils were then set the task of designing a facade for a new building on an existing street, which they prototyped using Lego! We were privileged to visit Loxley House, the home of Nottingham City Council, which is not normally open to under 16s. Here, we learnt more about the work of the Urban Design Department and saw a demonstration of how 3D modelling is used as part of the planning process. We were also given a sneak preview of plans for the new Broadmarsh regeneration project.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Dr Alvarez for organising this opportunity for Hollygirt pupils.