August 20, 2020

GCSE Results 2020

GCSE success for Hollygirt School as 88.2% of pupils obtained 5 or more 9 – 4 grades including Maths and English

We have turned another fabulous set of GCSE results, in this extra-ordinary year. 88.2% of pupils obtained 5 or more 9 – 4 grades including Maths and English. An incredible 33.8% of pupils achieved all 9 – 7 grades.

Samantha (pictured above) was awarded a well-deserved 9 GCSEs at grade 9

Headmistress, Mrs Pam Hutley, said:

I am impressed by all our pupils for how they have been rewarded for their efforts.

We really feel for our leaving Year 11 students as they were disrupted from their studies at exactly the wrong time. Whilst many worked on into lockdown, completing work and continuing their studies in order for them to maintain the rigour of study in preparation for their post-16 education, it must have been a soul-destroying time for them. Usually the rite of passage is to take study leave, sit examinations, relax, then celebrate. Without the usual ‘end of an era’ prom and with the curfew on larger gatherings, so no Prize Giving to look forward to imminently, it is certainly a year to remember but for some wrong reasons. These young people will need all their strength and resilience to move forwards in to a future which already looks a little different. We feel that Hollygirt School has prepared them well for the trials and tribulations of life and I applaud the spirit of most of our young people, who engaged with the school and allowed us to help them through the challenges they faced.

Online learning and video tutorials are no substitute for face to face learning and support. What this has all shown to me is that teachers in the flesh are an invaluable resource. The most important resource for young people. Technology helped provide solutions and methodology but no computer programme replaces social interaction. So, robots will not take over from teachers. Phew…