April 3, 2020

Update on Coronavirus – 03/04/20 at 16:30

Dear Parents,

Year 11 and Awarding of Grades for GCSE Summer 2020

Ofqual has today confirmed the arrangements and key dates for the awarding of examination grades in the summer. The arrangements below apply to all GCSE exams, though specific guidance on iGCSE is not yet published (our English and Maths qualification).

We are delighted that the teachers are being trusted to use their professional judgement. Of course, these judgements will be fair, objective and evidence based.

Key points:

  • We will be submitting predicted grades to the examination boards no earlier than 29th May.
  • The results will be available at the usual time in August – but may be before.
  • The teachers’ judgement on grades to be awarded will be based on teacher assessments, taking into account all the work done, including that which is still being submitted. This can include evidence from class discussions, engagement during closure, as well as informal and formal assessments done throughout the course. It is therefore important that Year 11 pupils continue to give their best effort.
  • The teachers will not share the grades submitted with parents or pupils.
  • Standardisation will most likely be based on expected national outcomes plus the school’s historic pattern of attainment.
  • The iGCSE is likely to use the same awarding criteria when it is published.
  • The children’s results will not penalise them in the future, there will be no indication on certificates that the awards were based on predicted grades.
  • There will be an appeal procedure available after results are published but it is not yet clarified how this will happen.

Additionally, there will be the opportunity for some pupils to sit examinations in the AUTUMN TERM. There is no detail about this yet. Hollygirt will permit students who wish to, to return to school to sit papers. There will be no need to do this as the predicted grades will not penalise their future prospects in any way, but for some it may be desirable. More on this when information is available.

Year 10

I urge all Year 10 to engage fully with their ongoing learning so as not to be disadvantaged next year when they sit their examinations. There are no considerations currently of any special arrangements for them, and the specifications have all got packed knowledge and skills which need to be delivered.


You will already have received your copy of this term’s Holly Leaves. This demonstrates that we have had much to be celebrate in our Spring Term!

By the end of today, all will additionally receive your fee bills.

Updates will continue throughout the holiday period, though far less frequently. You may not get an immediate response to queries as key administrative staff really need to take a break. Teachers will also keep in touch but again, not with the expectation of them being on duty every day.

Keeping Going Through the Easter Break

It is going to be a dismal time for many, with the current arrangements necessarily in place to maintain social distancing and to prevent unnecessary further spread of the virus. The news will get increasingly grim and for most, it is advisable to minimise their watching of the unfolding crisis, which will get worse before it gets better. We must all play our part in keeping ourselves and our loved ones protected.

There will be Hollygirt activities available for those who want to do them.

Thank you for your loyalty to the school and for your forbearance as we have striven to continue our services to pupils and parents for the past 2 weeks.

Mrs Pam Hutley