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In the first half of the Spring Term, we saw lots of interesting Science experiments take place at home. Science isn’t specific to a lab, it’s everywhere!

In Year 9 Physics, pupils proved why we can’t always rely on our own body to tell us how warm something is, we need a thermometer. We found 3 containers and filled one with hot water, a second with ice cold tap water, and a third with lukewarm water. We then put one hand in the container with hot water in it and the other in the cold water. After, we simultaneously put both hands in the lukewarm water and assessed whether it felt hot or cold in comparison. We concluded that we can’t rely on our body to tell us how warm something really is because it depends whether you’ve come from somewhere hot or cold.

Miss Nisan 🇪🇸 and Mrs Brimblecombe 🇫🇷 set some fun optional MFL activities for pupils to try over the half term holiday.

Lotty (Year 8) has written an acrostic poem in French and Spanish, made a Valentine’s Day card in French, found and drawn flags of French and Spanish speaking countries, painted a stone with a French flag, created a crossword in French and Spanish, drawn a calligram and, as can be seen on the video, labelled different things in her bedroom in French and Spanish! Amazing effort 👏

We’ve seen a lot of optional tasks submitted on Satchel:One and directly to Mrs Cooper Cassady for Food and Nutrition while we’ve been learning from home. We wonder why…? 😉 🧑‍🍳

Well done to Oliver, Ben, Jack, Lily-Mae and Rubie for some incredible looking dinners and desserts from last week.

It’s Pancake Day! So, why did people in France eat their pancakes 2 weeks ago? 🤔

Shrove Tuesday is celebrated around the world but in France, pancakes and crepês are not served today. Instead, they’re eaten as part of La Chandeleur (Candlemas) celebrations, 40 days after Christmas on 2nd February. Mrs Brimblecombe asked pupils to have a go at making their own crêpes. We love Ffion’s French flag inspired crêpe!

Last week in school, pupils in Nursery enjoyed trying pancakes with lots of different toppings.

All pupils and staff at Hollygirt were invited to tune into Miss Nisan’s Feel Good Friday on Microsoft Teams this morning. We feel great after starting the morning with some movement and dance!

Happy Friday, everyone! We hope you have a wonderful half term holiday.

We celebrated the achievements of Senior School pupils in the Hollygirt Performing Arts Challenge this morning. Each week, Miss Seaton sends out different challenges to be completed to achieve the Bronze (3 completed challenges), Silver (6 completed challenges) and Gold (10 completed challenges) awards.

We have some superstar performers! Well done to Lily-Mae, Amelie C, Lotty, Ffion and Elsie for achieving their Bronze certificate. Lotty and Elsie have earned their Silver certificate, too!

It’s not too late to get involved. Pupils can complete the challenges at any time to get their certificate.

On Monday, Matilda in Year 7 read a story book on Microsoft Teams to pupils in EYFS and Key Stage 1.

Senior School pupils were given an additional optional task in Food & Nutrition to make a meal that contains or is served with a portion of fibre. We love Katy’s (Year 9) shortbread biscuits, Oliver’s (Year 9) chicken, rice and chickpea meal,  and Elsie’s (Year 9) wholegrain pasta bake with tomatoes, peppers, butter beans, spinach and basil. Yummy! Also for Food & Nutrition, Ben (Year 7) made his family meal and Lily-Mai (Year 7) made a delicious lemon sponge cake.

There has also been lots of fabulous Textiles submissions! Have a look through the photographs below to see Eve’s (Year 10) fabulous work.

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