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Mardi Gras celebrations took place in Year 7 yesterday with Mrs Brimblecombe. The traditional celebration involves eating rich, fatty foods before Ash Wednesday (the start of the fasting period of Lent). We discussed the traditions of Mardi Gras in France, made a mask, learned all the pancake toppings in French and then, of course, ate les crêpes!

Pupils in Year 9 worked in pairs to produce a dish of choice from a culture they have researched.

Charlie chose Japanese food culture. Charlie and his partner, Eve, made a sushi dish. The panda rice balls contained crab and tuna meat. They served it with pickled ginger, wasabi and chop sticks!

Lana cooked patatas bravas, beautifully presented with garnish and homemade garlic aioli.

The first half of Spring Term can be a difficult one for pupils in Senior School with mock exams, reports, Parents’ Evenings and so on, so we like to finish for the February half term holiday with a bit of fun.

‘Pop Mime’ is an annual Hollygirt tradition where pupils from Years 7 to 11 can put themselves forward in groups or as a solo act to mime or dance to a song of their choice. This year, the influence of the video-sharing social network ‘TikTok’ was apparent, with two brave acts showcasing a mashup of popular TikTok dance routines.

The teachers were happy to stick with a more traditional-style warm up to get the crowd excited for the start of Pop Mime. You can’t go wrong with a bit of ‘Gangnam Style’, right?

Pupils not taking part in the performance paid £1 to watch their peers and all money raised has been donated to Tracey’s Street Kitchen charity.


Pupils in Year 7 made pizza toast this morning. Mr Dilger got a whiff of something delicious and made his way up to the Food and Nutrition room to see what was cooking. He asked Sufyaan if his had got chicken on it as he’d used real pizza mozzarella and it looked too good.

If any pizza toasts are missing by the end of the day, we’ve got our prime suspect!


A group of Year 9 pupils visited Leicester Grammar School today to represent Hollygirt at the East Midlands Super Physics 2020 inter-school competition. Over 20 school teams from across the East Midlands took part. We were presented with a series of science challenges and practical experiments which involved independent thinking and problem solving. At the end of the day, we presented our findings on a poster and listened to an inspiring Physics lecture about the chemicals produced in the back of our eyes.

Pupils in Year 7 were set a media project in English to create a name, a poster advertisement and a wrapper design for an organic chocolate bar containing fruit and popping candy.

We would like to introduce you to the new ‘Ario Fruit Pop’, ‘Detonation’ and ‘Fizzle Choc Rocks’ chocolate bars. Izzy even made real chocolate bars for everyone in the class from her group’s Ario Fruit Pop recipe and wrapper design!

Pupils in Year 9 have been exploring ingredients and cuisine from other countries. Last week in Food and Nutrition, we worked in pairs to produce samosa, bhaji, bombay potato and vegetable curry to create a delicious Indian buffet!

We have been spreading sparkle this week by partaking in random acts of kindness to raise awareness of mental health and well-being.

In the Junior School, EYFS baked cakes and invited the caretakers, cleaners and catering staff to the classroom to say thank you for all they do for us. Years 1 and 2 baked cheese biscuits and jam tarts and gave them to patients at Nottinghamshire Hospice. Year 3 made thank you cards for all local services and people who help them. Years 4 and 5 visited Seely Hirst House Residential Home and sang to the residents. Year 6 collected food for a local food bank.

In the Senior School, pupils focussed on partaking in random acts at every opportunity, both big and small. We celebrated the week with an assembly in which Form Tutors read out some of the acts of kindness that took place.

As Mrs Hutley says at the end of the video, “it might feel small to you but you’ve no idea the impact of that smile, that kind word, on that day, for that individual”.

Keep sparkling!


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