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Ready, set, GO…! As we haven’t been able to hold our normal Sports Day events this year, Mr Deacon asked pupils to create their own and to challenge family/friends at home or online. We have loved looking through all the photos and videos. Keep them coming!

What is the weather forecast for Nottingham today?

Pupils in Year 7 have filmed a weather report as as part of their work on ‘Weather and Climate’ in Geography.

Pupils in Year 8 have been working on the Urban Issues topic in Geography with Mrs Howlett. Their final project was to design and build a model sustainable home using recycled materials.

Pupils in Year 7 have been looking at the parable of the Good Samaritan with Mrs Griffiths in Religious Studies. The children have written and designed their own helping hands poems to show how they could be a Good Samaritan today.

We’re so pleased to have been allowed to welcome small groups of Year 10 back in school for subject master classes. Children in this year group have one or two sessions a day in school – one for each subject they do, in maximum group sizes of six.

For subjects like Food and Nutrition in particular, this has been hugely beneficial. Yesterday, pupils had a choice of making goujons, croquettes, Scotch egg or tempura. Yummy!

Pupils in Year 8 have been learning about acid rain in Chemistry with Mrs Carr. We set up a simulation experiment to show the effect acid rain has on the growth of plants.

We investigated different pHs by making dilutions with vinegar (independent variable). Ten cress seeds were put on filter paper in a Petri dish. We used the same amount of ‘water’ and they got the same amount of sunlight (control variables). We then waited to see the amount of germination / growth (dependent variable). We predicted that the cress seeds would germinate and grow the best in water and would not grow in acidic conditions.

Today, Mrs Carr shared the results with Year 8 on Microsoft Teams. 10 seeds germinated in rainwater, 8 seeds germinated and grew in pH 7, 5 seeds germinated in pH 5 but didn’t grow properly, and no seeds germinated in pH 4.

We concluded that the rainwater containing dissolved carbon dioxide may be best for germination and growth.

Pupils in Year 9 have been doing work on the ‘afternoon tea experience’ in Food and Nutrition with Mrs Cooper Cassady. Charlie decided to take it to the next level and do it with a theme! He chose to create a Mexican-inspired afternoon tea with:

▪️ Savoury Mexican scones with salsa, guacamole and sour cream
▪️ ‘Cinco de Mayo’ vanilla biscuits
▪️ Chilli beef tacos and Baja fish tacos (instead of sandwiches)


We continue to be impressed by the quality of work being produced at home. Some truly outstanding work has been submitted for Design & Technology in both Junior and Senior School. The first 3 pictures show Eve’s work over a series of weeks (Year 9). Pictures 4 to 6 show Amazon rainforest collages by Lujain, Ben and Lawson (Year 6).

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