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Reward Card

Our reward scheme was set up to thank parents for the prospective families they recommend to the school.

When your child starts at Hollygirt School, you will receive a Reward Card. As a current parent, all you have to do is hand your Reward Card to your recommended family. The recommended family should then bring the Reward Card along with them to their first visit to Hollygirt and hand it to the Admissions Manager. The prospective family must not have had any previous connection with the school with this being their first contact.

When a recommended prospective pupil joins the school and their first term’s fees have been paid, a £50 John Lewis gift card will be awarded to both families. There is no limit to the number of Reward Cards given out by a current parent.

If you require more at any point, please contact Mrs Andrea Bamber (AndreaBamber@hollygirt.notts.sch.uk) who will gladly supply you with more.

We look forward to the continued success of our Reward Card and to encouraging more families to come and take a look as to whether Hollygirt might be the right school for their children.

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