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The Junior School had a Festival Day yesterday to celebrate all their hard work throughout this year.

In the morning, pupils baked a cake for The Great British Hollygirt Bake Off. All the entries were incredible and congratulations to our winners:

Year 1: Aggy
Year 2: Caspar
Year 3: Milo
Year 4: Dhaman
Year 5: Zeph
Joint effort winners: Hashim and Jaber

For the rest of the day, children celebrated with a choice of activities including having an afternoon tea party, wearing festival clothing, decorating the garden and making a music playlist.

Ready, set, GO…! As we haven’t been able to hold our normal Sports Day events this year, Mr Deacon asked pupils to create their own and to challenge family/friends at home or online. We have loved looking through all the photos and videos. Keep them coming!

Junior School took a break from their normal lessons on Friday to take part in a special aeronautical science morning.

Before making our own paper aeroplanes, we looked at aerodynamics and what makes a paper aeroplane fly including air, drag, gravity, thrust and lift.

We set a competition for the fastest plane and the plane that travelled the furthest distance. Mrs Heatlie will announce the winners soon!

Pupils in Year 1 have been looking at poems about water in their English lessons. Mrs Wand asked the children to learn and recite their favourite.

A group of Year 6 boys had a safe and supervised wild swimming session after school last week. As Sports Day can’t take place as normal this year, they decided to hold their own swimming competition.

Medals were awarded for/to:

Front Crawl – Lawson
Breaststroke – Lawson
Body Board – Lawson
Long Distance Challenge – Any stroke, swim to and around an object (Jack’s mum), swim back to shore, collect water bottle and back to camp – Jack
Linesman and Referee – Yasin

As mentioned in Mrs Hutley’s Weekly News on Friday, we urge parents to discuss with children the potential perils of outdoor swimming.

Some free teaching resources to educate your children on water safety can be found here:



Pupils in Year 1 and 2 have been practising their flamenco dancing in Spanish with Miss Cooper. The children at school in the key worker bubble even got Mr Deacon to join in. ¡Olé!

Pupils in Year 6 have been exploring the topic of 3D shape. We decided to make ourselves some new friends who weren’t restricted by the 2m social distancing rule!

All Hand Hoy! (Everyone get on deck!)

Pupils in Year 2 have planned and created their own pirate ships.

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