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Pupils in Year 4 have been learning about states of matter. Today, we investigated gases. We took 3 different fizzy drinks and weighed them. After shaking them, we weighed them again to see how much carbon dioxide they lost. The results showed that Fanta and Coke contain the most carbon dioxide!


We feel really lucky to be situated in a leafy residential neighbourhood. As such, we want to make every effort to be considerate to our community and to protect the environment around us.

Pupils in Year 4 have made some posters to remind us all to turn our engines off when waiting on the streets surrounding school, particularly Villa Road. We must also remember not to block driveways and to park in a way which guarantees the safety of all our young people.


If you’ve read the book ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl, you’ll know why we’re a bit worried about the enormous crocodile in Year 2. Particularly as it’s lunch time…

Pupils in Junior School look splendiferous today dressed in yellow or as their favourite Roald Dahl character!

Did you know Roald Dahl invented over 250 words? Our favourites are:

Biffsquiggled (adjective): If you feel biffsquiggled, you are confused or puzzled.

Daddle (verb): If you daddle, you run very fast.

Grunion (noun): A very mean or grumpy person.

Who will be the next Hollygirt Junior School Head Girl / Boy?

Milena, Oscar, Caiden and Travis gave their election speeches to KS2 in assembly this morning. Due to the bubble restrictions, pupils in EYFS and KS1 will watch a recording of the speeches in class. All Junior School pupils will mark their chosen candidate on a voting slip and place this in a ballot box.

We will announce the result on Friday. Good luck!

The three transition days this week have been a great success (and a lot of fun)! It has been a fantastic opportunity for pupils to catch up with friends and get to know some of our new regulations in school. Importantly, it has allowed us to get a good understanding of where all our pupils are at emotionally after the period of school closure so that we can fully support them when the curriculum starts on Monday.

Today has been Games Day and pupils across all year groups have been involved in Fitness and Dance; Games and Social Skills; and a Fun Run on the Avenue (Junior School) and Forest Recreation Ground (Senior School).

Have a lovely weekend.

We are so pleased to be back in the classroom. This week is all about re-integrating pupils back into school and easing any worries. Today has been ‘Nottingham Day’.

Pupils in EYFS, Year 1 and 2 made Robin Hood hats. Year 5 learnt about the history of Raleigh bikes and made their own using straws, paper and pins. A huge thank you to Dr Laura Alvarez who has been working with pupils on a special Nottingham project.

In Senior School, pupils have looked at: History of Nottingham; Science and Future of Nottingham; Diversity in Nottingham; and Literature of Nottingham.

Tomorrow is Games Day and children in all year groups can come to school in sports fancy dress (with trainers).

Staff have been in school today for their Inset Day and to prepare for the new school year. We are so excited to see you all tomorrow! We know some children (and parents) may feel anxious about the return to school. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week will be off-curriculum across all year groups to help re-integrate pupils back to school and to ease any worries.

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