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We’re delighted to announce that Hollygirt School has been named a 2019/20 Nottinghamshire County LTA Tennis Award winner in the Education category.

The LTA Tennis Awards are designed to reward and recognise exceptional contributions made at the grassroots level of tennis.

Upon winning the award, the LTA Tennis Awards team said:

“This is a very special achievement and you should be immensely proud of the wonderful and positive impact you’ve had on tennis in your community and county. Without you and the work that you do, people in Great Britain simply wouldn’t be able to play tennis and experience all the joy that tennis brings to people’s lives and communities so thank you.”

We love Ben’s finger Indians!

This piece of work is in response to the speech from Macbeth where Macbeth sees a dagger prior to the murder of Duncan. (Is this a Dagger I see before me…?) Ishmael chose a Formula 1 racing car helmet.


there you sit before me,

deep orange like the sunset,

but what are you doing here?

Surrounded by an enormous crowd screaming wildly,

smelly smoke as black as night rising quickly into the air.

Ay, what is this I wear?

A sweaty suit that sticks to my body like glue.

Why do seek me?

Rattling car, your engine roars like a lion.

Nervously I await to begin the race,

Motivating mechanics shout, “COME ON!”,

Bright green lights finally switch on,

It’s our time to race-

crashing cars colliding, rapid wheels turning,

speed up car, get your engine burning.

I see the checked flag flapping, it’s our final bend,

Let’s finish this car, together to the end.

“Come quick mum the toilet is smoking!” shouts Lawson…

Pupils in Year 6 have produced some beautiful work and have shown how being kind makes such a difference in people’s lives.

Ezra (Year 1) made a hedgehog box! Mrs Wand thinks the hedgehogs will feel very safe and cosy in here.

Pupils in Year 6 were set an optional extra challenge in their Latin lesson with Mrs Brimblecombe to either:

  1. Draw your own cartoon strip with characters about the Roman Army
  2. Make a shield out of cardboard and paint/colour in the Roman colours
  3. Make your own movie of a Roman army and the ‘tortoise’ move

We love Ben’s shield!

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