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Have you ever thought about what lurks beneath our feet, at the centre of the Earth? Inspired by poets such as Edward Lear, local author Rob Hann created The Grumble Groar; a fire-breathing monster buried deep down in the farthest point of an imagined world.

Pupils from Nursery to Year 6 had a special visit from Rob Hann in assembly this morning. We listened to poems and were given the chance to ask Rob lots of questions. George in Year 6 asked what the pros and cons were of writing a book. Rob knew straight away that a ‘pro’ was that he gets to come into schools like Hollygirt and inspire young people. A ‘con’ was that when you start writing, you have no idea whether anyone will ever read it!

Years 1 to 2 stayed a little longer with Rob to hear some of his other poems. We were read The Legend of Sidney Sneed – a centipede who is the best footballer in a mini-beast football league! Because he’s a centipede, Sidney Sneed doesn’t bruise and doesn’t bleed, so he can ride tackles with ease until the ants come to play with a new tactic called ‘smother’.

After break time, pupils in Years 3 to 4 had a go at writing their own poem with Rob!

All pupils from Years 1 to 4 chose a copy of either The Grumble Groar or The Legend of Sidney Sneed to take home.

Pupils in Year 2 have been learning a poem with Mrs Taylor in Speech and Drama to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

It was Chinese New Year on Tuesday – the Year of the Pig.

In Reception, Aggy brought some fortune cookies into school to show us! The message in her cookie stated: ‘Do not dwell on differences with a loved one, try a compromise’. A real life example the children discussed – Ezra likes pizza, Ivy likes hot dogs…maybe they could have a hot dog pizza!

Pupils in Year 1 had a Chinese banquet while next door, in Year 2, pupils were painting Chinese symbols, making lanterns and writing Happy New Year cards for their family.

Happy New Year: 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè)!

Nursery and Reception have been enjoying the frosty winter weather both indoors and outdoors today.

This afternoon, pupils were in awe when Mrs Heatlie got her special ice blocks from the freezer with their insect toys and leaves inside! Harriet and Milli loved the squeaky sound from the melting ice when their hands were clenched together. They also had a go at drawing snowflakes with chalk and finding animals that live in the snow in our specially-made snow pit.

We were extremely pleased to welcome the Sheriff of Nottingham and former Hollygirt pupil, Councillor Catharine Arnold, at Hollygirt today.

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